A safer working environment?

Alerty is a mobile application that through personalized alarms creates a safer working environment. Alerty is specially made for you that value employee safety for those who belong to a professional group working in socially or physically vulnerable environments. With Alerty, help is close by if a serious situation occurs.

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Commercial users

Alerty for those who work alone



We believe in waking up inspired to go to work, feel protected during the day and come home with the feeling of being safe.


We have focused on a user-friendly and discreet design that is based on robust and proven technology.


Call for help in an easy way based on mobiles and smartwatches with integrated falling alarm.

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Safety created by features

Alerty has taken advantage of today’s smartphones and their intelligence such as internet, GPS, video camera, sensors and more. Everything that simplifies and strengthens the alarm chain, from activate the alarm in a safe way to get the right kind of help in critical and threatening situations.

Important features

Easy to alarm

The service assists the user to alarm in an easy way. Through the application the alarm goes off, discrete via an alarm button without the need to unlock your phone, through an automatic alert or falling alert via smartwatch. Everything is possible with Alerty!

Important features

Safety features

The alarm recipients can assess the alert via video, voice and text messages. It could be critical to quickly find the right and exact location. To find the location outside, Alerty use GPS/GLONASS and for inside alerts, WI-FI and Beacons will show you the exact location and even which floor.

Customized alarm chain


Through the Alerty app, the user preset contacts receive the alarm with a map positioning and video call. Groups such as “workgroup 1” can be created to send alarms to suitable colleagues.

Alarm portal

The Alerty alarm portal gives the business a clear overview. Here you can handle the alarms, administration of alarm carriers, alarm receivers etc. in an easy way.

External alarm center

Is the business already connected to an external alarm center? No problem, Alerty can be connected to all alarm centers. Today we already have integrations to several alarm centers and can easily be adapted to your needs.

Download Alerty to increase safety!

The Alerty app is available for iPhone and Android in Swedish and English. Click on any of the app stores below to download Alerty to your mobile.

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